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“WOOAAAH” Crash Bandicoot Memes Are Here To Stay


Crash Bandicoot, the lovable furry creature from the 90’s, has been resurrected for some Grade-A Dank Nostalgia, which as everyone knows us Millennials live for. Dank Gaming has only one word to say about this wonderful news… “WOAH”.


After a string of videos uploaded by a Youtuber that goes by the name “Greatrossturner”, our long-armed orange hero will be remembered in the history books for one hell of a catch phrase.  Crash Bandicoot’s mouth uttered this word the entire series, it just took one gamer’s courage to read his lips.


Jumping, flipping, and crashing through the forest, Crash’s only reaction seems to be “Woah”

Woah man can we just take it easy!

Woah can we take a step back?

Woah Woah Woah when was that part of the deal?

It now seems the word that Crash holds so closely to his heart, will now be the word that creates his immortality as a meme legend.


Whether Crash is a stoner with a deep love for interjections, or an apprehensive character in an alternate universe who has no control over his body… Gaming will never be the same… WOAHHHHHH!

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-Captain Carl

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