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Big Tiddy Sex Dolls Are Here


We’re almost 3 months into 2018 – the New year New Me has finally worn off and our Thoughts & Prayers are finally starting to kick in. Naturally, we gotta start planning out our summer body before cuffing season hits right?

Not anymore, thanks to our new Big Tiddy Sex Dolls
Y’all really out here STILL dating real women? pfft
Your human gf cant breathe underwater, big tiddy sex dolls can breathe in SPACE
your real gf gets jealous every time you want to crack open a cold one with the boys. Big tiddy sex dolls don’t ever tell you no
Fellas is it more gay to be with a woman who’s had sex other men? or a big tiddy sex doll who’s only known you her entire life?
big tiddy sex dolls always know whats good
protip: don’t get the ones with computer brains installed
Just stick to the classic balloon ones, seriously
AI sex dolls are unholy and will hurt you worse than your real gf
until you can’t take it anymore
Big Tiddy Sex Doll GF’s coming to the DMG website soon!

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