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Lil Pump Drops Warner Brothers To Make Terrible Music Again


Running the culture the past couple years, Lil Pump has become the ambassador for the Soundcloud rap movement that has become commonplace in the modern hip-hop scene.


That may sound like nails on a chalkboard for traditional hip-hop heads, but no one can deny that Pump has had influence over this current listening generation and the influx of internet rappers trying to ease their way into the industry. With a new deal brewing, Pump’s departure from Warner Bros. in search of greener pastures may pay off, with sources reporting offers as high as $8 million to secure the popular free agent rapper.

Although Pump won’t settle for less than $15 million (according to his Instagram), a $15 million deal would land him in the upper echelon of highest-earning hip-hop artists including Nicki Minaj ($16 million, No. 16 in 2017) and Lil Wayne ($15.5 million, No. 17).


With Hip-Hop overthrowing Rock n’ Roll as the most popular genre in U.S., a Lil’ Pump deal for $15 million may look less promising than media pundits and rap enthusiasts think. It wouldn’t surprise our team if Lil’ Pump scored a contract for that much money because he IS worth the cash; the fact that he is underselling himself for that much is baffling to begin with. Unless Pump is that humble, there is enough merit for an industry giant to strike a lucrative deal worth more. Recently, Pump pitted himself with Migos as the two top dogs that “run the culture” and the current hip-hop landscape. As valid as this statement is, if Lil’ Wayne can earn $15.5 million in 2017 as a bling-era afterthought, why can’t Lil Pump match that same financial pull?


With his aforementioned deal on the way as well as a new mixtape, Lil’ Pump’s success and future is only looking brighter by the minute in 2018.

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