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Meme of the Month (March 2018) – Smash Reveal Meme


With the Nintendo Switch turning one year old in the U.S. this month, Nintendo previewed a selection of 1st-party and 3rd-party titles for fans to look forward to this year. The Nintendo Direct broadcast presented trailers and gameplay for exciting, yet-to-be released titles that included a new WarioWare Gold, Crash Bandicoot, Okami HD, Mario Tennis Aces, and more. However, the biggest announcement that took both Facebook and Twitter by storm was the bait-and-switch teaser for the new Super Smash Bros. game that is confirmed to come out this year.

Earlier this month, there was no escaping these memes. The meme shows a competitive, female Inkling from Splatoon shooting paint at another Inkling until suddenly the arena fades to black. A scorching light shines behind the orange-haired Inkling as she turns around. Blazing in flames, a giant Series symbol appears with a shadowy cast of characters standing stoically at the foreground. The camera cuts up close to the silhouettes of Mario and Link that stand through the embers. The camera then cuts to the animated title card for Super Smash Brothers: Untitled.

The internet flooded Twitter and Facebook with memes inserting their own pictures and jokes into the Inkling’s pupil– which in the teaser—showed the Series symbol. Other memes inserted memes or references to other pop culture characters in the shadowy cast in front of the flame. Here are some of the dankest:

Here’s a crossover with a classic:

You know we had to


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