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Soldier Kidd rumored to have killed XXXTentacion


The following is a rumor and has not been confirmed by officials, this is a theoretical thought piece and is making no accusations toward Soldier Kidd.

An anonymous tip has been sent in stating that Soundcloud Rapper Soldier Kidd may or may not have been involved with the recent murder of XXXTentacion.

The video below shows potential evidence that may or may not be used in a case between XXXTentacion’s estate and Soldier Kidd:

Points to consider:

1. His instagram story shows Soldier Kidd at a nearby resturtant

2. The red mask reported by officials is in the photo

3. There were two gun men reported, the other is rumored to be @soldier.benos and or @soldier.jojo


This screen screen shot below was taken directly from @Soldier.kidd’s Instagram

Caption reading: “Triple x, but we banging like BD”

This is a live article and will be updated in real time – written at 6:03 PM PST

UPDATE: SoldierKidd responds to allegations brought forward by the internet. – Written at 6:51 PST

If you have information on this matter email info@dankmeme.com

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